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New Dragon Type

I wish there was a dragon that gave both regular health and bonus health and fires at the same time. Because the options of healers in the game isn’t so good. Most of them are only a certain percentage of health OVER TIME. So by the time you try and get the full health amount, your dragon has already been bumped off the screen. Skull crusher gives good health, but it takes so long to get him seeing as how you only get 10 trust points per chest box. Secondly, he takes forever to spirit up even though he’s only labeled as slow. He should be labeled Very, Very Slow. To me personally. Even when he has a Spirit-Up effect on him at the moment, he’s crazy slow. The Scarbearer dragon is great but he only gives health to one dragon at a time. And the Skullcrown, which gives good health to all dragons, is only a four star dragon, not ideal for building a team over 8000. So it would be nice to have a five-star dragon that gives good health to all dragons, maybe even bonus health. And one that isn’t super slow to spirit up. What do you think? It could be the Sentinel dragon from the HTTYD series.

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That’s the effect of slow dragons to you, @DaintySlugger. They take long to charge…

Very Slow is actually worsse, and there’s a difference. Practically they’re useless dragons though some Slow ones can be useful in some aspects.

I’d suggest you rely on moderate-very fast instead. Keep training your Skullcrusher ok, but have your focus elsewhere.

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I have a guess as for which dragon (species) is coming, Ludia promises it’s gonna be a real master of the skies, but better to see first and talk later. If it’s that great as they say, it’s probably going to be a damage dragon.

But perhaps it’s another elite and not a species :eyes: