New emoji!

Could we get a new emoji for “my unboosted team just outplayed your $1000 in boost sales team” please? There really is nothing more satisfying than when this happens.

On a related note, let’s do a tournament with dinosaurs at current level, but no boosts. All dinos allowed. Just old school, pre-boost tourney for one weekend


I’m nonboosted too. Shame on you. When we win, we win humbly. We don’t need any more toxicity in this community than there already is.


Vomiting emoji for indoraptor gen 2.


I would also like an emote for “pure and abject terror”

Don’t forget procerathomimus

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Don’t think they will ever give us a tournament at our levels boost free. It would remind everyone how much fun this game was and probably make a bunch of people hang it up.