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New Emote idea. "You won because of speed ties."

Speed ties are a huge problem in this game and one of the biggest flaws in the PVP system.

Because certain players live in fortunate circumstances where they have quicker ping time to the servers involved in the determination of speed ties, the game will register their move faster than another players EVERYTIME, and that person will unfairly win speed ties. It is not because of skill.

Since the Development team does not like or can’t seem to implement the previous suggestions of:

  1. The person with the most extra DNA in the creature wins the speed tie (rewarding the harder working player).
  2. The person who won the speed time last time, loses the next speed tie if both creatures are still standing.
  3. 50/50 random generator to see who wins the speed tie.

Please allow us an emote of “You won because of speed ties.”

Thank you so kindly.


They really need to do something about speed ties.

I like this idea. It gets a little weird with hybrids, but you can use multi-fuse to get more hybrid DNA even if you’re maxed out, so I think it would work. The only possible detriment is that it discourages some fusions even more. For example, rather than using Andrewsarchus for making Andrewtodon, it may be better just to save your Andrewsarchus DNA to help win more speed ties. It also punishes new players, who just don’t have as much DNA for their dinos to start with, and may never catch up.

This is one suggestion that I wouldn’t want to be added to the game. This is because many speedties are between two of the same dino, so those matchups will almost always be resolved on a given turn, usually turn 2 or 3. So if a match is won on turn 2, the player that loses the first speedtie (however that speedtie is decided) gets to attack twice in a row, reaching turn 2 first and winning the matchup. Like for T Rex vs T Rex, Rex A wins the first speedtie and uses Fierce Impact, and Rex B goes second and does the same. Neither is enough to kill the other. But now Rex B is guaranteed to go first, and can use Fierce Strike or Rampage to kill Rex A. So because they lost just one speed tie, Rex B was guaranteed the win (unless Rex A swaps, which often isn’t optimal because whatever they swap to is probably getting hit by a FR). In some ways, this is actually worse than the current speedtie system: instead of each speedtie determining who goes first that turn, the entire matchuo can be decided by whoever wins only one speedtie. It makes winning speedties more important than it really should be, and you still have to come up with some way of deciding who wins the first speedtie anyway.

This is probably how most players assume speed ties are resolved before learning otherwise, myself included. I know people don’t like randomness, but it’s probably objectively the most fair option for resolving speed ties in the long term.


They call it skill tourneys. What a joke. Who lives closer to the server is a bigger factor than skill in a tourney where everyone use the same creatures.

Geolocation advantage tourneys would be a more proper name.


Yes and No.
Speed ties are based on when the message from the client side (you) gets to the (server side) first. this can be measured by ping time (latency). The time in milliseconds it takes to bounce a package of data back from the server side to you, is out of your control.

The lower your ping time (latency), the faster the communication.
This is based strictly on something that is normally out of the control of the client. It is not always about geolocation, because some people might choose to move to Ludias server location if they were really addicted.

Geolocation does not account for fiber internet versus copper versus wireless interactions.
There are also hubs, switching, and various other communication transfers involved. Firewalls. Communication bottlenecks.
It does get complicated.
One could argue it is the person who lives closest based on latency time, and not geolocation.

Somethings that can be done is change your ISP and/or upgrade your bandwidth, but for all you know, that could make it worse. Some people might change from wifi to their phone provider or vice o versa, and get better or worse results. If your phone provider throttles your bandwidth later in the month because they think you used to much data, that can affect things as well.


I would like to argue that being able to “recognize” that situation and deliberately play slower, is a sign of “skill”. Would you agree @Mudkipz

The fastest fiber and the devices means very little compared to the trans-ocean lines.Geolocation is by far the biggest factor. I have tested this pretty well.

I agree. Although, Ludia could mitigate this by creating geolocation based servers. But then you might be only playing against a few people who live near you more frequently. Which might not be a bad thing.

They surely could. Poor Aussie players lose half a second on spees ties = no chance at all

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Yeah, but if both players recognize it (as many will, especially at higher ranks), both will deliberately play slower; it’s just like a normal speedtie, only it’s won by whoever waits the longest to click. Not to mention that matchups that are won on turn 3 depend on whoever clicks faster, just like how speedties are now. And even if you do recognize that situation, you can still fail; except now failing one speedtie has bigger consequences, deciding the entrie matchup instead of just that turn. At least now you have a chance of turning the match around, with this you would have lost from the start.

Suggestion in speed tie case:
Do the Rock Paper Scissors simple game if any speed tie happened.

Yeah it will still based on luck, but that will get everyone chance to win the speed tie.

I lived in Indonesia, and never win any speed tie due to internet here ultimately sucks.


Hopefully, Ludia should be able to implement a game of rock paper cisor, unlike in the arena. :rofl:

Yeah, as simple as, if there is any speed ties, then option pop up where you can choose rock, paper, or scissors (or maybe you may use also the Cunning, Fierce, Resilient theme as well). Once you choose, reveal and compare result with other, if you lose, consider you lose the speed tie and will be attacked first.