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New emote suggestion

We could really use an “I’m sorry” emote for those times we’re matched against a hopeless victim.



I’d like a “Sorry, getting a phone call” tag so when I go AFK, they know why.

Or just a simple “GTG”.

As in “Sorry I have Yoshi and IndoG2 in my lineup”? :upside_down_face:


That, and sorry I seem to be a few levels above you…pretty sure we’re going to go 3-0.

I just assumed everyone turned the dumb things off. does anyone use them?

I use them when I’m about to lose to someone who is several levels higher than me… I start spamming them with emotes and it helps to take the sting of the loss away.

i still use them. Typically a nice when the opponent either has a unexpected dino or they do something really cool.
I also use the Well Played one when the match was good and it came down to the last of our dinos.


Is that why some people take forever to pick a move? They’re attempting to spam me with those stupid emotes? I say “attempting” as I turned that “feature” off before I even did my first post-1.11 update battle.

How did you turn the feature off before doing your first battle, when the toggle button is in the battle screen itself? :sunglasses:

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


LOL! I meant before the fight actually started! :laughing:

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Yes, endless yawn emotes when someone spent all his boosts on 1 uber dino.


Yeah I’ve always wanted one of these. Especially when the opponent gets a glitch and they’re unable to fight me.


I use the good luck and well played quite often. I don’t come across rude folks all that often.

Oh yeah, that WAS you!

lol, just kidding. I don’t have that many boosts to generate an uber dino.

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I’d like to see a shrug emote or a facepalm emote… but more importantly, I’d like them to fix the damn bugs and not worry first about freaking emotes!


Amen lol i second that

How bout Mr. Dna scratching his head as like “huh”? This can be great when someone uses instant distraction on immune dinos or instant invisibility againts Tyrannosaurus.

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Yawn if someone uses procera, Dracoceratops or doesn’t pick a move

Angry at some garbage moments. Like paramoloch when my Thor is gone, procera, Rat, dsungaia or something unfair.

Cry if monomimus dies, or if I’m gonna lose

Thumbs up at the end for good game

Oops for accidental move

Good game, good luck for their stuff

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HaHa would be good for those Instant distraction moves used against your immune dinos.

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I would like one word emote that says “SORRY” and another one that say “UNFAIR”.
Oh… and you can eliminate MR. DNA. The animated emotes are a useless waste of app data space.
I’d prefer words like “GRRR”, “YAWN”, “HOORAY”, and “WAHHH!”