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New emotes

Hey Ludia, add a shrugging emote or an eyeroll emote or something that you can use to communicate to players who have highly boosted creatures who yawn at you the whole battle.
This guy below had a boosted level 28 procerat and just kept yawning cause he was destroying my team. I wanted a way to shrug or eyeroll or express that im unimpressed with his high level boosted creatures picking on my regular leveled unboosted creatures. I just kept yawning back at him but i just really wanted to eyeroll.


Emojis are redundant. At this point, people would want them removed because they can’t stand the spammers (thankfully we can turn them off), I’d just be a adult in the game, turn them off and ignore the childish spamming of those players who clearly can’t be adults and turn them off.


I only still have emotes on cause i like using “well played” and “oops” but i dont care for the Mr. DNA facial reactions. Wish i could turn those off.

Sometimes they can be good though. When you have a good close match. Things like… well played and good luck. Sometimes they’re civil. But of course there is always morons.

I’d like to see emojis like

“Sorry” - When I use my arena ig2 in a tourney. I feel so bad. Its also a very boring time and match. I’m glad I don’t spam a ProRat as well, I don’t get how people enjoy beating up on non arena dinos. So boring I want to say sorry. Its terrible.

A dna guy with crutches. To point out there crutch dinos.

One with dna guy and money in his eyes. To point out there dinos have all maxxed boosts for a reason lol.


I would like these better than the yawn. Or maybe an crabby eyeroll, arms crossed. Like “seriously? Matchmaking put me with YOU?”

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I want an emote that shows I’m terrified when i see a lvl 30 hyperboosted IndoG2. Also a “Sorry” one for when I’m either too lucky or my opponent has a team way weaker than mine and matchmaker ruined it for them.


I’ve sent out a “good luck” and quit with bad matchmaking before.

I want an “amazing” emoji, when i get that 5% crit after not received crit and going through dodge from a thyla with deliberate prowl🤯

Definitely add a sorry.

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I wish I could turn off the Mr. DNA emotes. I like to tell my opponent “well played” after close matches. I also use them in strategy. I tell an opponent “well played” as if I have given up, but I then spring something on them like a monostego or tarkus counter. But the spammers are the worst. Just won against a guy with a 30 boosted procerath and beat his team with my 27 sino, 25 draco, and 29 monostego and he kept on yawning

“Sorry!” would be the trollest emote.

“Sorry I’m crushing you!”
“Your team is Sorry!”

I want it.


Any other emote ideas? I was thinking there should be an emote to express youre dealing with an in game bug since it happens so often. Like when the game doesnt let you choose your attack or if the timer runs out and nothing happens, or any of the hundreds of bugs encountered.

No! Remove emotes completely. This is the worse thing they ever added

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I would add Sorry as a Text.

Disappointed DNA with condescending head shake


Seriously as Test.

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Yeah we need a sorry emoji for whenever I hit someone through dodge and it causes me to win.
Not like most players would show the courtesy of using it back when they crit through my dodge 3 times in a row :roll_eyes:


Maybe a “stop it this is annoying” word emoji, to use it at yawn spammers


That would be a “boohoo” emote

For a game that markets itself toward adults, it was always an odd one to see emotes added.

The childish spamming of yawns and tears meant I turned them off as soon as I knew how.

Any level headed adult would surely do the same wouldn’t they?

Even my 12 year old son who plays the game turned them off as he said they were childish, and that says it all doesn’t it?

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