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New emoticons please

Can we please have some new emoticons for:

  1. when you get a terrible character combo (relative to opposition) and/or have no hope after being shafted by turn order, opening moves of opponent.

Perhaps a sigh

Alternatively can we have a quit button please!!!

Sigh …

  1. when above happens and you are fighting some pathetic loser that thinks they r great because they are winning and keeps applying the laugh emoticon when in actuality you had no hope from the start (can be distinguished from those that are laughing with you because the emoticons stop coming when you turn the tables on them and only come back if they win).

Perhaps a look of disdain/god your u r pathetic look

  1. when nemy archer kills whole pretty healthy spread out team with one shot

How utterly absurd look

Can you please nerf his damage or make his attack zone based!

Good suggestions, I’d suggest an option to just turn them off. I really don’t care to even know that one was sent. It doesn’t affect the outcome or what I think about how it played out. They mostly just used by players that can’t win with class. I don’t care what they send if I never receive it. But when devs give an option to turn music off, and you still have a constant noise anyway. I don’t even know what to call that constant sound other then more annoying then the music. So I don’t think they have what it takes to make an off button work. On second thought it’s a new way to mess up the game so why not lol

I like to use emoticons to make PvP a bit less of a grind, like hey, let’s fight! And of course crying when the enemy wizard disintegrates one of my characters, because I can’t just not react when one of my characters is killed straight out.

Two emoticons that I’d actually really like to see would be shocked and some sort of uh-oh emoticon. I mean, crying just doesn’t fit in some situations, and the uh-oh one (perhaps with a bead of sweat rolling down?) could definitely be used for something like what Turbotarry suggested, or if their bard dominates your rogue, or… Honestly I could get a lot of uses out of either of those. Anyways that’s my suggestion!

I don’t know, I think all the emoticons look the same. I usually just hit one at random per fight just to let the other player know they are against a live person and not a bot

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I personally have had some good laughs (both of us laughed) with nice friendly folks during a match.