New epic dino


Saw this in the wild it looked very cool flying around



I wish you best of luck. Can you clone it now?


Nice find, Can you share the states if you catch her plz?


This is as close as I got


level 11


do you know what zone it was in? or what dinos are also there and we can figure it out?


What zone it was in ? I don’t understand


There are 3 types of spawns in Jurassic World Alive: local, park, and global. Local spawns are distributed by “habitat zones”—so Euoplocephalus is Habitat Zone 1 (L1), Giraffatitan is Habitat Zone 4 (L4), etc. Check out the article by MetaHub for more info (note that it doesn’t include any of the Pterosaur info yet).

I’m wondering if Pteranodon is a Park spawn, though, tbh…:thinking: It’s right on the border, if it isn’t actually a Park spawn.


I made a post saying where it was but it got hidden it’s a kitchen design store so hopefully it’ll get shown soon but it is on the border of a large park so yeah it’s a park spawn probably


do you remember any other non-event dinos you saw at the same time? all i can see is dracorex gen 2 (i think) in the first picture, but it’s a global spawn.


I’m taking the for a walk I’ll pass by and take some screenshots of the area it was earlier


Everything in and around the area it was found

obviously a different time of day


i see a lythromax in pic 1 and and a deinocherirus in pic 5. so i’m guessing L1 or L2 for where pteranodon spawns? unless it’s a park spawn.


So is that good and as you can see it may have been a park spawn cos of the proximity to the big park