New Epic Raid Dino DNA?

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned, but I haven’t seen it, but it has been really bugging me for a while. A few updates ago, we started getting more DNA for completing raids including the inclusion of Epic Spinosaurus DNA, which WAS great. However, we’ve been getting the same Spino dna for months and months. I’m pretty confident by now that most, if not everyone, have enough Epic Spino DNA to last the rest of the game. Can we PLEASE get DNA for a different epic dino already?? I’m not quite sure why we continue to get the same epic dna day in and day out for completing raids. WE ALL HAVE ENOUGH EPIC SPINOSAURUS DNA!!

I agree, I would definitely like the epic raid Dino to be different, not just Spino G2, I’m thinking of a monthly change like the daily dino or get any random epic (Excluding Hybrids), imagine getting a chance of 150 Compy DNA from Apex Incs!

Yes it’s rather odd why they chose that dna and that dna only.

I dunno but it feels like a bug to me. Just like when we got months of sino dna from the first alliance missions.

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That wasn’t a bug though.

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I’m glad to see agreement in here! I figured it would be pretty much unanimous. Nice looking spino you got there Danky! Like Mattylus said, it would be nice if the dna rotated monthly or just at all. I’m sure everyone would be very appreciative of a different epic’s dna by now. I’m really thankful that they started giving us extra dna in raid incs, but i’m drowning in spino dna now