New epic strike event

Yup, i dont see enough Barry to make my tryo viable gorgo on the other hand is level 20.5

@Hersh @VargRanger I keep getting Baryonyx, Rajasaurus, and Pyroraptor from the incubators I bought but I’m always missing their hybrid counterparts :laughing: Actually, those are the only useful epic I get, 90% of the time it’s Koola, Gryposuchu, Concavenator or Spino Gen 2.


@Idris Same here. The soon they removed the adrenaline pulse from gorgo, i loss interest… i thought they would give much pretty nice dna’s but I was wrong…
lesson learned: do not expect at all… Hahahaha!!!

Just because irritator is an exclusive, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it’s unique anytime soon…

But I’m gunna hold off on leveling the rest of my legendaries (most of which are close to level 20, or have the ingredients to get there).

Hoping to just keep hunting until their uniques get announced and build those instead.

Same with Utahsinoraptor and spinotasuchus … I think I’ll be keeping them at 21 for now. Don’t regret leveling them up from 20 though. Probably wouldn’t have been able to reach my rank otherwise.


I actually got pretty good DNA with this event; like about:

  • 2,000+ Irritator G2,

  • 2,000+ Nundasuchus

  • 200 something Irritator

  • 250 something Baryonyx

I have enough to level it to 15! Now I can start collecting for Tyro! Luuuv dis very much :kissing_heart::hugs:

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I finally completed it after work and it surprises me how often you get a lot of what you don’t need and very little of what you do. Maybe it’s perspective lol

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