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New epic strike


What do we face?

Anyone do one yet?


I did and it’s not as hard as it may seem.
I’ve used a team of

Tyrannosaurus rex 15
Velociraptor 15
Stegodeus 18
Postimetrodon 17

Warning: in round 4 you will face Tryostronix level 16, in round 5 Indominus 17, In round 6 Tryostronix 18 and finally in last round - Indominus level 21. Otherwise there are common, rare and epic dinos like Gallimimus, Ornithomimus, Dimetrodon, Secodontosaurus and Postimetrodon.


The last round is only one dinosaur? Indominus 21


No. It was probably Ornithomimus, Secodontosaurus and Indominus, but I may be wrong, cause I didn’t pay attention to other dinos than Indominus which was the hardest to kill.


was it decent rewards or like 3k dimetridon gen2 DNA?


3k galli dna😊

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I’ve got a lot of Ophiacodon’s DNA and small amount of Dimetrodon Gen2 as for the Commons. For rares - Ornithomimus and Ankylocodon. And finally for epic - about 250 for Secodontosaurus and only 14 for Postimetrodon.


It was those 3


Well, we play with all the ‘so-called’ LEGENDARIES annd finally get epic DNAs. Well played LUDIA.


Weak legendaries…


I got just over 250 postimetrodon, and over 350 dimetrodon, which is good since I’m trying to keep levelling my Tryostronix. It was very worthwhile for me - for once!


I’m hoping for lots of dimetridon as well so I can keep working towards my Magnapyrritator


The only results worth mentioning


This seems like a fun set of opponents! I’m excited


I got for the rares 433 useless Ankylocodon dna and only 74 Dimetrodon dna.


Use at least one nullifying Dino if you can because galli and ornitho dodged everyyythang

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To my suprise, Indominus in this strike event has never used Cloak, so my advice - use your Stegodeus for him, Start with Short Defense, then follow with APR, Thagomizer.
And for Ornithomimus/Gallimimus - Tanycolagreus or Velociraptor.


Well the indo I faced did cloak but luckily I was using monomimus anyway


Irex is very cunning here. She uses Cloak right after we use our invisibility. She is very clever girl.


L19 Tany should work?