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New epic tower


What do we fight in the Stegauride tower


Just made a video :slight_smile: not fun… lol

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I wanna watch it. Have you posted it anywhere here on the forum yet?

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Should be able to tag @Dunes lol

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It’s 3 L30’s - Kentro, Tuo, and Mira. I started with spinotasuchus and hit kentro with bleed, but it slowed me then killed me. Switched to Gorgosuchus and took them all out with that. My suggestion is anything with cleanse (for all the slowing hits) and shield breaking (for mira).


Success with Spinota L24, Tryo L23 and Indo L24😁


How did you do that? I have the same lvl dinos, just dont wanna go into this one without a plan


I have to plan this one.



  1. Spinota - bleed
  2. Tryo - ferociuos + armor pierced strike killed Kentro and def. Shatt. Ramp. took a big bite of Mira.
  3. indo had a little luck with evasive

Had Thor unused, should have used Dracocerstops instead.


Do évent with mid Level dino
I win like this

Nice job :slight_smile:

I would have quick striked rhe miragia for the kill and saved DSR for kentro. Then again you were probably expecting a swap, heh.


Based on what you showed, I think I have a chance on my second account.


Hmmm … lost … just … with Spinato, Sucho, Dilorach and Stegod … bleeders are NOT the answer.

Sat down with pen and paper and decided immunity was the way to go … defeats their distractions etc.

So L22 Magna, L24 Tyro, L20 I-Rex and a back up L23 Yellow Super-Rat …

Magna vs Tuo … Magna kills Tuo
Magna vs Mira … Mira kills Magna
Tyro vs Mira … Tyro kills Mira
Tyro vs Kentro … Tyro surgical removes Kentro’s rear end, gift wraps it and has it delivered back to it via Fed Ex with a nice thank you message :slight_smile:

Bonus … 209 Erliko in the incub :man_dancing::man_dancing:


Essentially this is not a strike tower for anyone with below level 24 dinosaurs at all.


Disagree … my team above with only one 24 romped … lower level immunity line up should work


Please provide party used in detail! Oh you literally just did. Duh. Still mostly up there though including hard to achieve dinosaurs so really it’s not feasible.


Nice work! Do you live by the ocean! It sounds like waves crashing on the shore! And I swear I heard an airplane!


This is all fine and good PQC but what about Ali vs Frazier Coke vs Pepsi and Paper vs Plastic


Coke, paper … but I’m not opening that can of worms …



Immunity is the key though … I think lower level could do it … my main team is L23 to L28 but L22 and L20 were in my attempt