New event calendar

Is it just me or does the weekly theme not fit?
Neither the Dinos nor the Incubators have got something to do with nullify.


self increase incubators…
and its probably nullify trial where there are buffing dinos u need a nullifier

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I know but what about nullify?

well then, guess I’ll go for sino and grypo, maybe 1 or 2 stigy since it ain’t that exiting 4 me

Not too bad of a week. I could do with some more Nasutoceratops and Dracorex. Shame there’s no Parasaurolophus Lux yet though.


You obviously don’t know how these calendars are supposed to work.

Welcome to the weekly screwups by Ludia, they’ve delivered once again.

Also I hope Ludia start to use their imagination soon and create new interesting schedules.

Maybe the “Nullify” part refers to incubator events where we can use specific creatures to win.

No, they are always related to the dino line-up and the incubators. Every week it is that, why are people thinking differently now?

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If anything, the dinos seem to be themed around Stun


Also we only just had this one about 4 weeks ago when it was Stun and Hybrid.

So they are repeating the same dino line-up after just 4 weeks which is horrible.


Meanwhile Wuerhosaurus, Tenontosaurus, and Quetzalquoatlus have barely been featured since 2.0


I would like to have an event with Ankylosaurus, i think we haven’t had one in months


Aug 24-30 to be exact.


it says self increase and there are self increase incubators
i think i got it

maybe they just did the dinos wrong


If the calender is true, then for me personal this isn’t a bad week. Nasuntoceratops and stigymoloch all the way. Touramoloch can always use a boost with al these raids.
But theire are other weekly calenders that are more urgent. Since the day they placed tenonto to the shadowrealm named parks. I havent encounterd one in the wild. Even when its put on the event calender, i always encounter the edmonto version.

I think it is a good week too, need Sino and Grypo. I was just wandering why the theme did not fit.

Hi everyone, just to clear up the confusion here. The Blue bar represents the Strike Events while the Orange bar represents the Trials. I can see how this could be a bit confusing looking at the event calendar… We will have this labeled more clearly starting next week!


can the team also include the number of attempts per rarity? it clears up confusion when there are multiple legendaries or uniques for an event to know how many attempts we get between them. sometimes it’s 1 and others it’s multiple.

I’ll bring this up in our next meeting. Thanks :slight_smile: