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New event calendar

I really need velociraptor, could we have Indoraptor in the next week?

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I think there are only legendaries and uniques on the calendars for special occasions. And as for the raptor, just pop a giga scent or raptor scent(i think its better during night time, I believe they spawn more during the night setting)

im just happy for dracorex.

It’s confusing because it’s never been that way before. Long before Trials one of them always represented the Dinos on the map.

What has caused confusion is Ludia’s lack of communicating changes.

We are still wondering why they removed number of attempts and number of battles in strike towers from the calendar for no good reason, but we still get ignored even on that.

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So I just did a Trial strike tower and it was Stun.

So the confusion just keeps coming eh?