New event epic box


Hi there :slight_smile:
I’m currntly struggeling with the new event epic boxes. I tried to buy two of em but i haven’t got any of the shown dns for the event (indominus, indoraptor, blue, and so on) instead i just got dns of last weeks event dinosaurs (conkavenator, and so on) could someone explain to me what i did wrong?


I have the same issue. Seems like a problem with the store. Hopefully they’ll get back to us soon.


The same with me, i want my money or new epic box. I want blue or indo and the box was false. LUDIA stop playing with our money


@Reinorvak how do i contact ludia staff for that issue?


Here you go. Expect a delay in their response though, I think there’s a backlog of tickets right now and they deal with them in the order they came in.