New event format is terrible


So you go to a park that has say 6 supply drops, if you only want 1 of the 3 dinos, then say only 2 of the supply drops have the Dino you want…

So that’s 2 out of 36 attempts… how many parks are you gonna have to visit to get anywhere near the 36 you want…

Whereas old format, you go to the park and you know you’re guaranteed to get the Dino from all the attempts in the park.

Handy for the epics yes, but you’re never going to get anywhere near 36 of one dinosaur unless you spend ALL day in different parks over the 3 days


You got three days. Plus, if we would go back to the old one, you wouldn’t have 36 attempts for the one you want to start with.


But I’d be guaranteed to get 12 of what I want… who the hell has the time to go from park to park…

People have lives you know


It’s not just parks having Events Drops, at least not here. We got a few hundred Event Drops everywhere in the city.


It is just parks, well green areas on Google maps… and I assure you live in America… very different in the uk


I’m from the U.S.- I live in the UK but am home visiting family. There is definitely a difference, but I reckon it’s geographical, not just country to country but city to city. I, too, dislike the new format, for the same reason. You aren’t always guaranteed to have the dino you want/need available, whereas before you were (assuming it was there). If they could fuse the formats, i.e. roll over attempts but still one dino per day, I think that would make the most sense. It would give us more chances, like they’ve done now, but ensure we’re definitely getting the dinos rather than just hoping we’ll see what we want.


I like the new format especially being able to get upto 36 of the same dino if desired.

Perhaps if they made all 3 dinos spawn at the same supply drop it would be better?


That would be better… cos I’m going to supply drops and the Dino I want isn’t there…
I’m not spending my time driving around bloody parks


I like the new format, more power of decision, and more strategic about what dino catch her ADN.


Exactly… So 36 attempts over the 3 days, but 1 specific dino a day… If you don’t want Mondays and Tuesdays but you want Wednesdays, you just save them up and on Wednesday you have 36 attempts and every supply drop is the Dino you want


Its a 20min drive to one event SD where I live… This format is killing me


I like the format. More likely to offer a dino that has vskur to me vs giving me shots at a dino I don’t need nor want.


No, I’m from Germany. Not the USA.


I like the new format. I am from a litle town near Milan and I have 3 green points in the north and 3 points in the middle of my town. I go to work by bus (20 minutes) and in the big city I work (even if it is not Milan) there aren’t green points near my work, but there are some green points one bus stop before. So I just see if it worths, I go down one bus stop before my work and take a 10 minutes walk to catch all my dinos.

I really see what you are saying, it is annoying if you don’t have green points in the nearby. I suggest you to see in Google maps and try to improve it, adding the missing Point Of Interests.


I farmed those 36 tries in 3 hours straight on day 1, all on apato.


I feel your pain, most spots here are miles apart with only 1 or 2 spawns. Luckily I have the option to go into town to find lots of spawns if it’s a rare dinosaur I want, but some wouldn’t have that option. I think, rather than the new format being terrible, it is because the original format needs improvement first. I try to just think of them as extra :slight_smile:


It is bad for people with only one or two park spots and are saving their tries for a certain dino. I didn’t really think about that. I live in Phoenix and there are a lot nearby.


One suggestion for Ludia. On events like this his have the Dino’s at the green randomly switch every hour or two to a different dino. That way if someone had few greens near them they still have a chance to get the specific dino they want.


I thinks this is already done. I have a park in the nearby (not in range) and I saw a dino, then a time where no dino was there (I went not there to catch her) and then another dino spawned.

I think they just need to increase the possibility of this, seen that I saw this “switch” just once in two days.


Well u have time to write here instead of farming your parks, just saying.