New event format needed!


So I’ve been to 3 parks (about 60 event drops)
And I’ve only had 3 attempts at kaprosuchus (the only one I want)

How the event should be is one Dino a day, but you still get the 15 attempts across the 3 days.

Day 1 is Dino number 1, you shoot 3 attempts at it.

Day 2 is Dino number 2, you have 12 attempts left (for this example you use say 5 attempts on Dino number 2)

Day 3 is Dino number 3, you have 7 attempts left as you used 3 on Dino 1, and 5 on Dino 2.

This structure would be 10x better if you only wanted a specific Dino in the event as you know you will be going to a park on the right day and getting all your attempts at what you want, rather than what I’ve done driving to 3 parks to only get 3 attempts at what I want.



I have been saying this from the beginning. It makes the most sense. The current way leaves it entirely up to chance, and if you don’t live near enough to the parks with more than one drop, it’s extra frustrating.


Not many agree surprisingly


In theory I get it, because it should offer the greatest chance to get a diverse set of dinos, or ensures that you get some of what you want even if you miss a day. Eeeexxcept it doesn’t work like that in practice.


I just found 2 event supply drop with Kaprosuchus (the most interesting) in my town and one of them is in a private school, honestly I’m very disappointed with that event! This got to be fixed!!!