New event mechanics bad for players in small towns

The new change to the spawns of event dinos was made to give more player freedom, I assume. You are supposed to be able to choose which dino is more valuable to you and get more shots at that one. But unfortunatly, for people like me who live in small towns, it’s done the opposite. I only have one event crate in my entire village. I already have to drive just to get there since I actually live in an area outside the village. Yes, where I live is borderline rural. Yet I love these types of games, it’s a curse. Still, the situation here has been inconvinient, but not unfair so far. I only had to make sure I went to the crate three times in 24 hours, making sure that at least 6 hours had passed between my attempts before to fully capture the epic dino on offer. I could still get what I wanted even though I knew people in bigger cities had it easier.

But now that’s changed. I really needed the T-rex, I’ve always loved the movies and are trying to catch the dinos from the movies. So Indo Rex was high on my list. And yet, T-rex has only spawned once for me during the event. The other times I’ve gone to the crate, it’s been pyroraptor. I’ve been forced to take what’s on offer, since I only have that one crate to choose from. Meaning that since they’ve changed the way event spawns work, I’ve lost out on two T-rexes I would’ve been able to capture otherwise.

I wonder if I’m the only one affected so negatively by this change, or if there are other rural players out there who feel my pain. Or are you all playing in the cities? I hope that in the future they either revert the changes or add more event crates to small towns to make things fair again.

Crate is short for loot crate. Aka supply drop.

What is a crate? Just curious!

This game is still new. They are still working on it. Hopefully they will look at what people are saying and try to make it right. I totally wouldn’t be happy either if that was happening to me. Maybe instead of doing just parks why not do fast food places to so it would give people more of a chance incase they don’t have a park where they live. There are a lot of fast food places everywhere especially in the United states.

Im sure he meant supply drop (aka pokestop in pogo)

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Fast Food places in a veeeeery rural area even outside the smaller towns. So kinda somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in a forest/desert whatever.

Doubt that would help players like him. :sweat_smile:

All I want is one, just one, of these games to have a supply drop and spawn point close enough to my couch so I can farm coins while I watch TV.

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I live in a city so this is not my situation, but I feel you and hope something will change in the future. :+1:

I am lucky to have several park stops nearby. I didn’t even think about how this makes it worse for people with only one. :frowning:

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We don’t have mcdonalds around, no. We have a place that serves hotdogs though, if that counts. :wink:

Thanks for the support. ^.^

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Agreed, it was a little frustrating last night biking to literally 6 different parks only to have half of them being demitrodons. Majority of the parks in my area only have one supply drop, so it’s a gamble :weary: To say the least I got a lot of exercise.

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I feel your pain, fjalar. I live in a rural area in Michigan. I have a hard time collecting dna also. The only time I really get to collect is when I go to town or the city. It is easy to see how we will never be able compare to players in the city, as they have spawn points and supply drops everywhere. Maybe some day things will get better for us.