New extra ads for rewards

Ok so this morning I got a chance to watch a 2nd video for a second free incubator. Fine.

But a sticky notification hanging around on the market button until I watch another video for a measly 5 darts? Really?

This game is already plagued with invalid notification lights.


Oh, even better, the video for 5 free darts is constantly replenished so the notification never goes away.

Edit: and now a permanently refreshed notification on the mail button for a 1 CASH REWARD.

Notifications should be used for things you might like - a new alliance reward, or a chat notification, or your DNA request being ready - not permanent nags for miniscule rewards you almost certainly don’t.

This would REALLY turn me off the game after years, if made permanent. Pure greed at the expense of the players’ enjoyment.


I agree 100% with this evaluation of what can only be described as a blatant money making scheme which merely serves to annoy players.

I’m vip and that ought to be enough to allow me the option to turn the ads notifications off surely?

I wouldn’t mind as much if the ads were worth watching but 5 darts? You must be having a laugh, and at our expense! Surely you can do better than this?

The future of this game needs features to pull players in, so wouldn’t it be better to actively encourage more players to join vip? The current incentives are almost non existent and I only subscribe to it as I play so much and feel like I want to give something back. This ad nonsense won’t do a thing except push more players away. It needs a rethink and sooner rather than later.