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New Fang

Hello, If I can, sometimes I will share here some of my concept ideas to the game to create. Also Ludia is welcome to change some elements to make design better.

In this case, there is an design of Homotherium. Cenozoic creature from the snow class. I tried to make some unique looking mane, cuz the style of mane, that has Smilodon, Sarkastodon, or Megistotherium on their back is starting to be a bit “cliche”, if you know, what I’m talking about. No this is not critizm.
I would make Homotherium have this mane bit on his neck, on chin, “sides of jaw” of even on shoulders and upper limbs and also extra fur tail.
It would also have four saber fangs from its mouth when it reaches lvl 40 unlike Smilodon. These fangs would be shorter, than Smilodon has.
The use of color, could be better done, cuz I’m not that good in these designs, and creations in the game are way better. But like I said before, Ludia is welcome to remake some elements, to make design more suitable to the game if he wants.

Also, for some reason, the image uploaded here can have changed colors, than original.


:star_struck: Thanks for sharing this with us, JackSolly!

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The art was very good! a tip that might help, give a coloration from the belly to the neck and perhaps a degrade behind the head.
it would greatly improve your art :v:

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We have an artist in the forum now, very nice.


Thanks, I know, some stuff in drawing aren’t that good by my style… But I’m still doing my best…

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That’s ok! It doesn’t really matter what it looks like, as long as we (and the developers) know the main characteristics.
Also DON’T let this post get you down! use it to grow, and flourish in the art of drawing! (Guess what, I’m an artist too!)

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Double posting (oops!).
The Homotherium doesn’t look half bad, (as it is) even IF the colors changed.

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(necropost) why is this at the top of the list.

I’m still learning. I already told Ludia it can change some stuff in the game.