New Favored Feature and Creature Poll!

So In-game there is a new poll similar to the one we had that let us choose which creatures and features we want to be in the game happening now, and let me tell you, they’re pretty good!


Is this like a poll of which is ur fav creature in the poll?

I havent checked but what are some of the features and creatures

Here’s a picture of the creatures

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Prolly like the other polls which get community “input” and sometimes gets the features that were the most voted into the game.

We select 2 that we want in the game, with the most voted being put into the game.

I personally picked Geminideus and Keratolania because I love Keratolania’s design and we need a Keratoporcus hybrid, and Geminideus because Stegodeus is awesome and it deserves this.

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Ngl Indoneymes looks awesome but don’t want another indo hybrid

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Pls no hybrid of new creature that was recently released if it is a unique

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Let’s be honest, Indonemys will probably win because most people are Indo fanboys.

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I will go with Geminideus and prolly something else later

Resulting I-Rex being the first hybrid that has 3 hybrids


Nope Carno takes the crown
Has 3 different hybrids all ready

Anything but the Albert hybrid :rofl:

I went Keratolania and Indonemys


Oof i forgot Nodopatotitan Existed


Hey RaptorJay06 do you have some of the features and if so is Trading among them?

Like you could trade cold for dna or other items that you need?

Also i want I.nemys and Geminideus


Some include a timer that tells you when creatues leave the map, drone and dart upgrades, player stats, and creature tracker!

Oh well I guess the creature tracker and timer are somethings I would like

Going Geminideus and Indonemyes