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New feature or Bug?

New feature, monsters and players can climb boulders?

I posted a pic a while back with two of my characters occupying the same spot. Seen it happen a couple of times since

Did you move into your other player’s spot? Or did it load like that?

I physically clicked the boulder and moved on to it. I also watched the monsters move onto the boulder.

I’m thinking similar but different errors. I’ve never seen monsters or players move onto a blocked square.

It’s been a while but If I remember right I actually moves into that spot by accidentally touching there when trying to move

I’ve sent the screenshot to our team. Thanks for reporting this, DylanRamsey.

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Game has been extremely buggy. I was at hidden forge, at boss, boss slammed down his sword in the 2 middle rows. On one of the spots was a rock so it got rid of it and so no fire mine on that spot. I moved one of my characters specifically to that spot because I knew it was safe but when I got my turn my character took full damage from the spot with the “invisible” fire mine. The boss used its poison breath in the middle 2 rows, did no damage and then the game softlocked.

Monsters may also stay on the same block.