New feature. Selling dna

One of the problems this game has is that some creatures are getting too much dna. For example i am now up to 50000 majungasaurus and 65000 dimorphodon dna. Of corse there is dna trading and they have hybrids and super hybrids but then those creatures are getting too much dna as well . So in order to solve this problem ludia should make us able to get rid off extra dna by selling them for coins or dollars


yes, that would be good, but more people are a fan of being able to get coin instead of xp at 20 (me too, i just got there) and being able to devolve creatures for their coin and dna. hybrids wouldn’t get the component dna spent on fusing though, just the hybrids dna itself.

100% I have over 100,000 gallumimus but am poor coin wise so would love this

I think it would be a good idea to turn excess DNA into coins to help level up the creatures that you do want. You would probably have to have a certain amount of DNA to do it though for game balance reasons but it is a good idea.


This is a great idea

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I think that it will be fun too. Maybe I wouldn’t mind if there was a ceiling for how much coin is able to be obtained within a day due to this process.

What would you guys think that a fair amount of coins would be?

Coin Ceiling Amounts
  • 300,000 c
  • 500,000 c
  • 700,000 c
  • Other

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Just a thought, would new players feel such features penalise them? Since they wld have less dna (assuming) and thus feel such features benefit players who have been playing longer more.

That’s a good point. The newer players would be left out… I’d never like to leave them out. But how could we include them?

I’m afraid there is no good way to include new players for such feature. Since dna grinding is a part of the gameplay, longer and consistent playing players have a natural advantage in dna collection. Perhaps a 2 step system.
First step: a dna cross trading system via alliance. (trading sys is up to Ludia to define and is entirely player driven)
eg older player A can trade 50k common dna with 50 epic dna from newer player B.
Second step: dna selling
Older player A gets the epic dna he/she needs. Newer player B can sell the 50k common for coins. Win win.