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New feature that i for 1.15 (no Dino's)

So Campaign Campaigns are important battle Levels and to start i want to add a campaign levels 2 new levels in Campaign For the new Creature is 1.14 REVENGE and FEROCIOUS Strike in prowess. New The CO-OP mode in battles but i also like that you can chose the creatures you want to use in battle and that i want to see another battle stage after 5k And now There’s A few Glitches in the sanctuary s that aren’t fix yet Lije the Invisible rajasaur and two dino s i would also like Is there s a tab when you tap on collection that ways the dino families and that all for now if you want dino changes ill do it in the future

I’d just wanna see bug fixes and maybe make trials hard again, but I really want DINOSAURS