(New Feature) Unlockable Backgrounds Yor Your Creatures

This new feature would allow you to change your background for for your creature when selecting them in your collection.

The blue shape above the creature’s name will be the button to change a creature’s background. You can unlock backgrounds either from special Strike towers, unlocking a new arena, or completing missions. When you select a background for a creature, that background will stay for that specific creature until you change it, making your creatures feel as if they’re in a new environment without having to manually change the background every time you visit a creature.


I like the idea. I think skins for creatures that would change their appearance would also be cool.

I’ve been thinking about that idea, but it does have its flaws. With the amount of creatures in the game, a lot if skins would need to be added for creatures to have variety. There’s also the issue of unlocking a bunch of skins for creatures you don’t use, making it difficult to get the skins for your team. Some may even cost cash or real money.


Cosmetic changes are something that I would love to see.


Interesting idea
Btw nice Toven!


Thanks! He’s currently my highest level creature since he’s my favorite, but I’m toning down the levels and boosts on him so the rest of the team can catch up.


If it’s really your fave, no harm in leveling her up. She’s really good


Its simple but I like it


I love the idea! I would love to have pterasaurs with the aviary background!

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