New features have killed the game

Dear powers that be at Ludia, what gives? I’ve been playing dragons for over a year now and I’ve noticed some insidious trends in the game. I’m what you’d call a casual, but dedicated player. I don’t pay to be a privileged Dragon Rider, but I have paid a LOT of money buying packs and dragons over a period of time. Two things that have really disappointed me.

  1. The packs I would occasionally splurge on were really worth the high cost, and contained a generous rune and resource count. These sort of rewards are no longer available. Instead, there are expensive packs that give measely returns. You justify this by saying that players can now earn runes/rewards/resources inside the game itself. But at what cost? Which brings me to point no. 2.
  2. Gobber’s new daily and weekly duties. The old Gobber’s Duties were sometimes achievable and sometimes not. The time+cost:rewards ratio determined if I’d do it and the choice was mine. More importantly, not getting a Gobber’s Pack, wasn’t the end of the world. Now, everything centers around Gobber’s Duties. To add insult to injury, the new duties set us up to fail! This is a huge slap in the face of the casual player.
    Some of the daily tasks are too expensive to regularly achieve. Spending 200M+ wood on 2 x Defend Berk missions at Meade Hall 13 when I’m battling a level 260 fleet? I should be using this wood to train dragons and gather iron, not squandering it to get Gobbers’ packs. The weekly duties are even worse. I’d need to spend a mind boggling number of runes to fulfill them. Being forced to buy items from Trader Johann? 20 keys from Defend Berk when I can’t defeat Lvl 260 fleet with my existing dragons? Everything has been built around the player having to do things in order to get the pack and run out of runes really fast. So…they’re forced to spend more money to buy runes.
    In conclusion, I (and probably many others) cannot afford to perform Gobber’s Duties to try to get whatever comes from them.
    Maybe you don’t care. Maybe you only want Dragon Riders who pay you monthly, and the rest of us are collateral damage. Ludia, if that’s your current business strategy, many players like me will be forced to stop playing. You’ve made us losers and we’re well aware of it.
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While I don’t have the same issues as you since I’m at a higher level than you, I will agree that the rune packages are complete and utter crap now. I’m canceling my subscription today since I can’t play like I used to anymore, and I’ve been subscribed for a couple of years now.

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Just done most recent update and excess wood from seasonal stature has not gone to mail. So just lost 750m wood. Also before update had cleared trees and boulders from itchy armpit island and didn’t get any rewards. Played this game for years and now too much is going wrong!

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We used to get more runes from exploration too. Esp the 3minute one where you can speed up. That was the fastest way to get runes and they nerfed it. I had already spent $20 in this game, I don’t think I’m spending more. The developers doesn’t seem to understand how to encourage free users to spend. That’s the goal for freemium games, not milk the existing ones.

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What level are you at? You’re able to fulfill all the weekly duties easily without rune speedups and fish/wood purchases?

No. It’s not just you. Im a dragon rider. Bout ready to cancel that because this is getting STUPID. ALL THE TASKS ARE MOT OF THE TIME, IMPOSSIBLE! Not worth the money any more re

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Totally agree! As a rider, I have additional tasks that I can usually get done in the week. However NO PAYOFF. I get the 10 measles runes or 15 flowers or some other worthless prize for doing the task, but nothing else. You would think they would give you a card pack.

So far I have paid a couple hundred to play this game and although that may not seem like much, it is a lot for a game!


I agree with all of this. This game used to be fun and rewarding, but now all it seems to want is for you to become a dragon rider for a ridiculous price or buy runes, also for a ridiculous price.
I’m currently almost at meade Hall lvl 14 and the amount of runes you get from the 6hrly card pack is pathetic. I normally get 5-10 from a pack, 25 if im lucky. This needs to be increased. It was ok at the start of the game, but it is nowhere near enough now. (I once emailed ludia about this and an employee replied with these exact words, “I’m sorry that you feel this way about this particular issue. I strongly suggest that you purchase some runes to continue your experience or become a dragon rider, that way you get up to 250 free runes per day!” Still cant believe someone had the audacity to say that.)Also, the amount of fish and wood you get from winning a brawl if your slots are full is also pathetic at my current level. 1m for a 750m store? At lower levels it would give me significantly more, like 1k for a 8k store.
Basically, this game has been ruined this last year, and something needs to change for casual people quickly and drastically because not everyone wants to spend loads of money on games. If these sort of updates keep happening, they will lose a lot of players soon including myself. It’s really not much fun anymore.

Agreed. Some of the duties are impossible to do every day like getting 450m fish and wood and beating 2 defend berk fleets. Even if you spend ages doing them, you get a pathetic prize. 10 runes? A full stack of wood or basin of fish (750m) is about 2500. That is a completely unfair price. It should be increased depending in your meade Hall level. For 13 it needs to be at least 100 to be worth it. And the measly amount of runes from a mystery pack doesn’t help. That should also increase with the meade hall level like fish and wood do.

Well, you’re doing it wrong. The goal isn’t to defeat two fleets, it’s to participate in two Defend Berk missions. Participate ≠ win.

If you’re having that much trouble with the collect wood/fish goals, you probably need to look at what dragons you’re using to collect. I have absolutely no difficulty collecting double or more my storage capacity in a day. (Heck, just my overnight collection is more than my capacity.)


Since we are discussing the daily duties, I want to point out that sending Toothless on a Journey is no longer worth it, as the daily duties almost always require sending him on a search. Why would I embark on a Journey (especially one that takes 1day 12hours or 1day 16hours) when I need him for the daily duty? Please shorten the journeys to less than 24 hours. His three journeys were the only cost-effective options for all of the dragons, but now I have no incentive to try.

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It’s strange that the support doesn’t pay attention to this topic

Actually I am not so sure because a lot of changes have been done since then, and I think it’s generally getting better.

Sending toothless on a journey was never worth it because he is the only one advancing collections so sending him on journey means waiting 1 to 4 flights for collection pieces =waste of time.