New features idea:

I have some ideas for new features
Feature 1: Player ID: Every player would be assigned a player ID, similar in length to your support key.

Feature 2: Custom battles A new menu would become available in which you could invite someone to battle against you for fun. No rewards given.

Feature 3: Giveaways Ludia would post forms where you could enter giveaways for a dinosaur. You would have the ability to vote on which dinosaur giveaway comes next, and they’d happen 1-2 times a month. Upon winning a giveaway, you would receive a notification via the in-game menu and you would find your winnings in the asset repository.

1, I don’t see any difference
2, That’s gonna be hard, as we don’t even get real ppl in PVP
3, yes, but what happens if a lvl 1 gets gifted a VIP for example


When I was level 1, I got gifted a Stygimoloch from the Christmas gift.

Hmm… i mean me too, but that was at the time before lvl 40+ creatures, imagine how a lvl 1 player would freak out seeing lvl 120 trike


You can’t get creatures above 40

Em, yes you can get a dino to level 60 (boss only tho)
and what he mean is his PvE enemies…

I’m not stupid and I know that ONLY bosses go above 40.

lel ok

#1. No reason to add this, even for point #2.
#2. This game’s netcode isn’t setup for Player - Player connection, which is why ‘PvP’ in this game is just an illusion. It’s also why Alive is built around PvP.
3. This is already Clash of Champions/Clash of Titans.


I think team ferocity only settles in place once you reach level 10 ? The only event you’ll prob receive below that is the common rumble and food event.

Still yeah its a really bad idea

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What we need is the option in battle to undo an action (reserve, attack, block) if you accidentally press it. The only way to do it is to close the app and open again but obviously this can’t be done in PVPs.


Well I mean I have this idea Creatures Beyond Level 40 - Jurassic World: The Game / Suggestions - Ludia Forums

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  1. What’s the reason? Support key is good enough
  2. This has been a single player game since it came out 7 years ago
  3. We get that through trexmas except the whole voting thing.
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