New features in the game

Hi to all
Here are some suggestions that would be nice to have to improve this already great game

  • Testing arena: sometimes you just want to test your team lineups and some combinations
  • Searching: right now we have ‘only’ 123 dinos and there will be more. Sometimes I’m having a hard time to find one Dino. Search would be great
  • Sorting by level rarity and similar would be nice as well
  • Filtering by moves: say you want to find all of your dinos with Nullifying moves. All all that have wounding move. …or Immunity. Filtering would be great
  • History of played games: list of recently played games with results
  • Replay: this woul be very useful to see how you did in the battle. And to analyze what you did well and where you could have done better
  • Teams: here you would be able to request and donate DNA and have friendly duels. Also teams woul be ranked
  • Dinodex: There are around 700 or so discovered Dino spieces. A Dinodex would be great for educative purposes of all ‘real’ dinos including these hybrids created here
  • 3-5 Tabs: to have few ‘specialized’ teams ready for challenges

Final thoughts: these aren’t just some ideas to improve this great game to be even better
Please add your suggestions
Hopefully Ludia will hear us and implement some of them


Talking to hersh literally not too long ago about the features. All these suggestions that we have been asking, ghost busters listened. Hoping dev can take some notes, and add a bit of flavor to this game.

What JWA can do to help improve and boost their popularity. Ghost busters hasn’t even been out for that long and there is already more added features.

  1. Your own supply drop that you can place anywhere.
  2. Ghost hunting is not limited to location. Anyone can walk down the street and find a super rare legendary and what not.
  3. You constantly have ghost surrounding you at all times. Sure majority will be commons but you need all that you can get to destabilize and gather their resources.
  4. Your own ghost dex. You can look up all the ghost you encountered and a short description of each. Even adds the location of where you caught that ghost.
  5. Fairly easy to stack up on coins and pve crystals. As there is no cap or limit to how many you can get in a day.
  6. Daily/ weekly challenges, allowing you to get free coins and crystals each day.
  7. Daily login bonus, rewards are very rewarding by day.
  8. You can produce your own traps. Never run out of traps again.
  9. Many features added so you won’t get bored. Daily hunts, gozers tower, pvp arenas, and story mode.
  10. Slight character customization. Option to spend a few bucks for different skin equipment.
  11. Your own personal character stats, amount of ghost captures, destabilized, distance traveled, etc.
  12. Pvp arenas, you can view your opponent, and stats beforehand.
  13. All ghost has their own special ability. There is very much strategy in this game. Every ghost has their own unique set of attributes. Some have leader abilities that boost the whole team etc.
  14. There is a local/ global chat that you can talk to people. Still implementing some sort of clan soon. The add friends and clan feature is there, it’s just greed out at the moment.
  15. Ecto spheres are the equivalent of incubators. Yes you can actually acquire from the local dimension supply drops shattered throughout.
  16. In terms of visibility on your ghost collection. You can sort them out from rank, type, time, element, name etc. Named my four starters.
  17. Different slots on the team so you can easily swap tactics or ghost characters by a click of a button.
  18. Introduction of runes, ghost have the ability to increase their stat worth. Even a level D with runes stocked up is deadly.
  19. Rewards are sent to your mail. You can pick it up at any time.
  20. Inventory, different set of guns that can be upgraded.
  21. Bosses that you can fight locally with friends etc, and be rewarded a nice prize.
  22. Bonuses: extra xp item, ecto goggles.
  23. You can zoom out of the map and it will show cross streets of the location of where you are at.
  24. The AR feature is 10x better than JWA. You can get a feel for catching a ghost by the tilt sensitivity of the phone. You can either capture in AR or a 2D platform. Tilting at the sky sometimes is fun.
  25. The game is networked through google maps, just like JWA. Where you would usually find supply drops, you will usually find dimensional SD doors in the same location.

Regarding replay, you can record your battles on your cell phone, so there is no need for Ludia to develop this application. I have already started doing it and, let me tell you, it is a great way of identifying your mistakes and improving your strategy!

I definitely would like the testing option.