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New features / Roadmap?


Can you (Ludia) please share any improvements or new features planned to give more deepness to the game? Besides new dragons and ads, we haven’t had any real feature improvement update since the clans were added.
Many suggestions have been made already in necro-posts. Do you have a roadmap for your game to share with the players? We deserve to know what’s to come.

Thank you,



Can any moderator give an answer? It’s been 2 weeks already

Hey Nicocat, I can definitely bring this up with our team.

Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks for your answer, @Ned
Expecting your feedback about this. When do you believe we can get an answer?


Hey there, Nicocat. Sadly, I can’t guarantee if we’ll get more info at the moment. However, your suggestion/feedback was brought to our team, and if anything new comes up, we’ll be sure to try and provide an update ASAP.

Thank you for your understanding!