New Features that should be Added


This topic is basically me trying to see what everyone else is thinking when it comes to adding new features of the game. This post is mainly for new additions only not stuff that needs to be fixed there is a separate post for that.

So I guess I will get things rolling off here:

  1. Add some sort of way to make dinos come to you, Pokemon go has incense and lures jwa needs its own variant such as: Flares,Pharmones or something along those lines. (We just can’t rely on Wild prox spawns and drop spawns as it makes the game dull and uneventful)

  2. I’m not saying that this game needs this but it would be interesting if we had some sort of teams or organizations so we can have our little turf wars. (We all like fighting for a cause)

  3. On the topic of turf war if we do get teams then we need a way to compete for Dominion over the Jurassic World.

  4. Add some VIP perks. ( if we pay for something and are expecting to have a better experience than people who do not have VIP then we want. Something to show for our loyalty)

These are just a few of the ideas that I have, so feel free to post anything that you think would benefit the game remember new things only not stuff that needs to be fixed.


I agree qith @Zachimai. I always talk about how awesom this game is and yes i do compare it to pogo. Having a way to lure dono to u would be epic! Teams aswell would be fun. On the topic of better percs. OH YEAH. We pay to be vip and dnt really get much of a perc…maybe double DNA or just 1 1/2x more? And i would be sooooo excited to see Pterosaurs, aquatics and even thebice age dinos. At least add more in general. There are so many dinosaurs and u gave us only a hand full plus hybrids (not complaining about the hybrids). 100 total…need more plesse. And wat happened to the hybrids, and lv of rarity of dinos originally found in “Jurassic park builder”? Ivevplayed both other games, love them, but was so confused by wat they did to them. Just my thoughts😁


And some quick texting options for opponents in arena? I’d like to say good game at least, sometimes, and swift locker-room pats on the bum are even less possible


How about this one! When you are close to level up a dinosaur say 100 dna or less you get the option to buy the dna either with bucks or watching videos!

I am 4 dna away from level up my trex and it will be forever and a day before I see one or get it in an incubator! Not saying we should always be able to buy dna but in the case of so close yet so far we should!

  1. reveal rankings for every player, not just the top 500
  2. track win/loss stats for Dino’s
  3. ability to chat w/other player during battles


Bring down the coin requirements for evolving some of the commons. Even the common v-raptor needs 10,000 to get to 16, and now I’m back to playing catch-up since my 16,000 is now closer to 7000. V-raptor could stand a slight reduction in coinage per level.

I can understand why rares, epics, uniques and legendaries are typically more expensive, but commons?


Sorry but in game text on the surface might seem good but if you look at the numerous cheaters threads there are allot of sore losers out there that would not hesitate to insult people or use foul language! There are allot of kids playing this and I would not want my nieces subjected to the F bomb :wink:

However it could work like the Windows internet games with a scroll up list of generic messages to send!

Unfortunately most players want to hit and run! Win or lose and go on to the next match!

The mechanics of the battles now are basically hit and run! No time to text!


I just meant a few single button options for end of game or something. Not full text capabilities. A smile emoji or “good game”.


I would be up for:

  • Players to get EXP towards leveling up whenever we win battles.

  • Win/lose stats for each arena to be housed in our player info (when you click on your level)

  • Better perks for VIP membership;
    . 300 meter drone range
    . A second free incubator
    . Option to pick two of our 8 Dino’s when in battle

  • Option for lures
    . Tying a goat to attract carnivores
    . Laying down foliage for herbivores

  • Options to search for nearby players (or by username) and battle them for fun. Perhaps these battles award exp instead of incubators.

OR (to tie into the last option)

  • Option to have a “friends list” where you can send friend requests by searching your name. Once both accept, you’d be able to battle your friends. Both parties would need to be online, so perhaps a green and red dots be next to each player on your friends list to show who’s currently playing. In these battles you’re able to pick your team of four. Also, next to each friend’s name, perhaps put the STARS of whatever arena they are in. Or… Instead of picking four from your team of 8, the game randomizes four dinos with same/similar levels, so if your friend is lower arena, you don’t over power them. Or perhaps the game gives you a choice of ten Dino’s for each of you of same level ranges, and then we get to pick our four from the options.

(Rambling now) :joy: