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New Fens reward list

“The basic reward list for the Forestfall Fen challenge has been updated based on player feedback”

I guess players really don’t like earning gems as much. Better go buy more.


Yeah I was looking at that trying to remember what changed.
What’s changed?

They remove the “20” two-days 40k gold book and replaced it with epics (22)

Was still the gold book when I looked earlier.
I actually liked the gold book. Maybe it’s cycled.

Damn where are the gems.
I’m sending gem creep.
Notice the entry to events when outta keys?

Hey everyone, could you please email our support team at with your support key, if you haven’t already, so our team can assist you further with this?


I had a sermon regarding the high number of moderated posts being because people weren’t following the forum rules. I’d seriously like to know what rule @DungeonBorn broke?


Old list top rewards:

New List top rewards:

You wanted epics in the 20 slot? Alright, we’ll take out the gems instead. Yeah. Cool. I’ll get Varja when she’s free. And there’s always a gold book, but the gold reward in slot 12 isn’t there anymore. I guess at least it’s an exp book now instead of one of the useless pvp chest books, but it makes the gold book redundant on itself unless you roll that 17.

Wasn’t there a picture of a gem book in some of the loading screens, and have they ever been a thing?

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getting rid of gems is actually more of a nerf than having the 20 slot a book instead of epics…165 gems vs a 12h gold book does not compare. First off you can get other gold books in other instances. Second with gems you can buy epic packs in store. I will break the math down later but the gems you miss out of vs the gold you gain does not compare. We are now worse off than before. I will be making a detailed post in a couple days about how bad this nerf was that no one seems to notice. they should have just put this gold book in the 12 slot and called it a day.


They get touchy whenever it seems like you are speaking negatively about any of their people, even indirectly. Not saying it was a good use of moderation, just saying that’s what happens.


It’s pretty clearly a net negative for players. I figured they were going to do something about that gold book in the 20 slot as it was devaluing gold as a resource.

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Eh, I think this is about it for me then since whoever runs this game thinks it’s a joke. Left my guild, deleted the app, and this should be my last post on the forums. This is what you do to your player base, Ludia. Bask in it.


Not just moderated a post, they banned me for 24 hours also. :slight_smile:


This change was horrible for the player base. Who exactly asked for this?

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You mean to say that you didn’t send a support ticket/player feedback response in the app store requesting the removal of gem rewards for rolling a 16?

Honestly, I don’t care about the gems being removed from the 16 slot, I care about the 2 day gold book being removed from the 20 slot. That change seriously degraded the game.

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I can buy gold with gems. Not that I would want to. There are a lot of ways to earn gold.

But I can’t buy 2for1 silver hand packs with gold. Or the occasional legendary that I actually want when it comes up in the shop. Or a bunch of other offers.

I am getting close to finishing FF and was waiting to see if anything changed with the rewards structure before pushing to finish. I see no reason to do it. Marginal increase in number of epics on a 20. Fewer gems than LFE.

I can generally complete all 9 rooms on an LFE free challenge. I’m not sure why I would trade that for a free challenge that I will struggle to complete and with less overall value.


I received a 4 day ban for my post


dont complete it. I have all lvl 20 characters with most gear lvl 19-21. its a struggle foe me to complete 9 rooms in FF and even to do 6 rooms the time it takes is not worth the effort. Loot per hour is significantly better for me grinding out LFE or even heartcoil as opposed to FF due to the time it takes to do anything there AND the reduction of loot on roles due to no more gems on 16 and bad books. If you have not already unlocked FF,dont, you are actually better off not completing it.


Well that sounds like a completely normal and reasonable response to that post. :roll_eyes:

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