New Fierce Creatures Strike Event


3 incubators, 7 battles :stuck_out_tongue:

Literally “crashed” into the office :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Crashed with a nice herd of triceratops :joy:

There is a common one too, 1 win to get about 20 of rare DNA.


Just seen that Power-Up! Can’t be bothered to walk to that after the last one - will get it walking home or in tomorrow.


An idea of what you could get, so you know if its worth walking to lol.


-547 coins
-284 irritator gen 2
-28 kaprosuchus

Fierce Creatures
-547 coins
-284 tarbosaurus
-28 gorgosaurus

1458 coins
-739 tarbosaurus
-76 gorgosaurus
-18 trex

4211 coins
-1654 demetrodon gen 2
-1629 tarbosaurus
-420 trex gen 2
-231 gorgosaurus


Wow, good Triceratops.

Wait, just noticed your main purpose is show that strike tower.:thinking:


There’s only 2 strike towers at the moment isn’t there?? The epic one is normally later in the week isn’t it ?


A bounty of gifts from Ludia :slight_smile:

Getting silly now … not that I am complaining …


Same coinage - different DNA; nice enough :slight_smile:


Most annoying place you can be stuck at work:



Good job I’m not overly bothered about the first couple of days of the latest event as this batch of strike towers has wiped out over half of the event drops within walking distance :frowning:


I just got both the Power Up and Fierce Creatures towers nailed. Now what about the gold strike tower? Has anyone seen it yet? If so, what’s it all about?


Later in the week I believe


LOVE the gold ones. I’m all in!


Polished off both of these Strike Towers earlier this morning as well.

Best surprise was the ~76 T-Rex DNA that I received, which was immediately dumped into a fuse for I-Rex…and somehow managed to get 70 DNA in one fuse. :woman_shrugging::joy: Not a bad start to the week, to say the least…


I don’t like you :joy::joy::joy: