New Fierce-Cunning Hybrid

I was out of school, looking for something to do, and thought, why not create a hybrid? I fused Spinosaurus Gen 2 and Diplovenator and created Diplovasaurus. Here are the stats and moves

4100 Health
1000 Damage
114 Speed
0% Armor
5% Critical Chance

Definite Strike
Lethal Distraction
Fierce Impact
Cunning Rampage
Precise Shattering Counter
No Escape

100% Distraction
100% Stun

Lethal Distraction is a mix of Lethal Wound and Distracting Impact. It would be a strike, due it it being more about bleed. It would still have the effect of distracting impact. Cooldown of 2

This strange hybrid prefers to hunt on land rather than in the water. However, if it gets into a fight, Diplovasaurus will try to drag its opponent into a body of water. Due to its long wide skull, it never seems to get stunned in combat, and when hunting, it never loses focus from its prey.

Possible Design:
Spinosaurus Body, with a mainly dark blue body, and a red snout and red lines in the sail. A long snout, with the shape of Diplovenator’s head where the snout fuses with the head. The sail is a bit smaller, and though it has the double sail as well, it is more even, though still noticeable.

Hope y’all enjoy this! Leave your thoughts down below!


This sounds awesome I’d love to be able to unlock this guy, The design is great and I love the moveset.

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very interesting

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I NEED IT ten charecters

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So what do yall like and dislike about Diplovasaurus?

I like it! maybe two spike rows on the sides and a low sail in the middle like in diplotator

That would look good, but it would come from nowhere. Thats why I kept it a bit more simple. Also there was already a sail.

Working on that

Working on what? If I stole an idea sorry about that.

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I use the in game models to combine them so I am combining them now looking cool

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Kind of to show you how it will look like

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Alright. Sound good, thanks!

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This sounds awesome. Maybe the lethal distraction should just be a strike but it seems pretty balanced as well as op at the same time. People can’t complain about its move set because all of it stats are below average.

It’s spino g2 but I think a diplo body with a spine looks more natural and not a weird mammolania.

It also has a counter attack, but I wanted something from Spino besides Cleanse, because there are already a few fierce creatures that have that. It is immune to distraction, but like you said, it has below average stats. Lethal Distraction likely will be a strike, given that Lethal Wound is a Strike, and although I said Distracting Impact, it just made it clearer as Diplovenator has Distracting Impact, not strike. Overall, I think it would be balanced. Anything immune to Distraction or Bleed ( Erlindom, Erlikospyx) will destroy it, and although it has a way to remove dodge, its the weakest move for it. Also, just wanted to see a counter attacking Spino.

I have to agree with @Colin on this one lol

Aw damn it is too cool to be added! Ludia would never do a good thing so they will do the Edaphometrodon,Spinonyx instead! Great ideas bro, can we call it Dispinovenator? It’s mean “Double Spine Lizard”!


Interesting name. It works for me.