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New Fight for Fusion

So Fight for Fusion has been tweaked. The first round is a Test Your Strength style mirror event that requires the unlockable creature of the week, in this case Glyptodon. The second round, at least for me is three creatures versus a Smithetoceras, which at least this time is from the class that is weak against the unlock. Round three is versus Mammotherium and Megistocurus, which would be the class and the class with the advantage over the unlockable creature

But only first round requires use of the glyptodon.

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I think they should have given us two days time. First it’s five rounds to the unlock, and both events are cenozoic. On the plus side, all types of SDNA are now available in the Fusion pack.


Totally agree with you. Wasn’t a problem with me only because I already had a glyptodon. If player depends on unlock to get creature, yeah, you’d have to use up bucks to speed up hatch. Wow. What a great idea. :roll_eyes:


I too had one already, and at least it’s a rare, so you can in theory hatch it in time. But imagine if the unlock is legendary and you don’t have it…


FYI, you can use one creature on round 1