New flocks nerf

the new flocks, especially the epic archy hybrid and legendary eagle lizard thing are really overpowered, they can absorb, heal, and have dual impact/rampage and on escape dodge thing.ive faced many of them and got destroyed
, what are your opinions on these new flocks, i want them to get nerfed coz they are just op

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Coelhaast is fine, mammotherium destroy it, even alankylo, dracorex, and doedi could kill it. Not sure about the other flock but im sure heavy armor creature with medium attack could handle it.


I think flocks overall are mostly fine. In terms of the flock mechanic, the biggest problem seems to be a lack of countering options. You can really only use Group attacks and DoT, and since most flocks are cunning DoT isn’t always the most reliable (and probably shouldn’t be). Group attacks are relatively uncommon, and often don’t even deal enough damage to clear a bar of health anyway (especially once you factor in distraction and dodge). So having more Group attacks in the game would be nice.


and dot isnt gud coz they can cleanse with fearless alert


Group attacks should be more common and make the healing thing 3 cooldowns.

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The problem with group attacks is that distraction and dodge make them irrelevant. Superiority moves would be useful if they weren’t so rare.

Brontalasmus used to be a good option. Not sure it still is though. Before 2.9 it destroyed compy. Decel and cleanse distraction along followed by group decelerating rampage. Was a perfect flock counter. Hope ludia can give it superiority impact.

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The only 2 which that have a 3turn cooldown are protective alert(dodocevia+dodo) and alert scurry(compy and Compyc)

I don’t get why people think that because they think that just some dinos are OP means that they should automatically be nerfed. Use their counters. Unless they’re genuinely OP and have very few counters (Which all flocks have plenty) they don’t need a nerf. The reasons you used to explain why they need a nerf are barely viable, since plenty of dinos can counter that. Plus, every flock has pretty poor stats, with only around 3k HP, and with average or even slightly below average attack, they aren’t all that OP. Use Dio, Orion, Carnotarkus, Skoona, Brontolasmus, Ardentis, Gem, Pouk, Poukan, even some flock countering flocks to counter them. Just because you can’t counter them doesn’t mean they’re OP, just annoying.

Flocks aren’t op. Dot handles then well. If not counters can take on flocks as well

The tricky part with Brontolasmus is that it’s an epic hybrid, and in some tournament they only let you use non hybrids. So it could be a good Counter for Argenteryx, but it can’t Counter Compy or Dodo as consistently. Plus it’s still only one dino.

True. The 2.9 resilient change really messed up some good potential flock counters.


Argenteryx and Coelhaast specifically should probably eat a nerf.

Argenteryx can have FA replaced with Fearless Flap. Given that it has (relatively) chunky damage output and a healing OE that also provides some really robust defense, I don’t think it needs the manual heal. It’ll still be a very strong creature without it given how tanky it can be.

Coelhaast should have Fearless Alert [1], which is the version which procs Threatened at 33% rather than 67%. It’s not too ridiculous but the combined defensive & healing power of FA on a cooldown of 2 combined with the flock mechanic & the ability to proc after one flock is… a bit much IMO. Either reduce the Threatened threshold, or bump it to CD 3 when Threatened.

Beyond that, I’d like to see some more counter moves introduced, particularly stuff like Group targeting Superiority moves.

tell me some argentenyx counters

coelhaast is fine

I dunno about argenteryx cuz i havent faced it

but still

Am against this nevertheless

well im against nerf threads in general