New Friendly Battle Idea

So while looking at the raid strategies, I thought,” Man if you could be the boss.” So here is my idea.

There is a new button next to Friendly Battle. It says Boss Fight. What happens is that the person that sent the invite for the Boss Fight selects a boss creature, and controls it along with the minions. The person that was invited can select their dinos to enter the Boss fight, up to 4 of them. It would be as follows

Epic Boss: Creatures become level 15
Legendary Boss: Creatures become level 20
Unique Boss: Creatures become level 25
Apex Boss: Creatures become level 30
(No boosts though, just levels)

Leave your thoughts down in the comments!


awesome. a-ok

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That would be pretty cool, although it would be kinda odd in some areas. Would the bosses have the same stats and moves for when you unlock them or when they are in raids? And I think the timer would need to be extended a bit if you can control minions since you’d need more time to figure out what the minions will go for. And the 4 creatures that u get in your team lineup would be all the creatures you use in this mini raid(Like raid set up with all the creatures out meaning more time needed)or would u use one at a time? Love the idea still

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You would use the creatures one at a time, fastest to slowest, and the boss would be the raid boss

Awesome feature, it would be great!

Another function that I was be thinking about and would be great, is that the dinos should have some energy bar or something like that. So later some battles in the PvP or raids, you should have to change your team. This way you could uses other dinos that usually are forgoten. Since the boost implementation, is impossible rotate dinos in the team, with this energy or health dinos feature, it could be posible again :slight_smile:

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So something similar to JWTG? Maybe you could use the FIP to recharge it automatically one time per day? Also welcome back!