New fuse apexes and more prominence to less used dinosaurs

I would like you to publish your ideas for more fuse apexs with used and unused dinos at the same time

I made this apex thinking about the dimorphodon, a creature not very used in the game, it is very forgotten I think this apex would come in handy so it would give more prominence to the dimorphodon

I look forward to many more ideas for fuse apexs


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I have a thread running where a few other people have posted some and there several other concept threads you should like through.

I am excited with the possibilities of super hybrids getting their own hybrids, the are so many cool things that could be happen. But I am NOT excited About how hard they will be to grind…


I can agree with using Dimo. But not the bird it hasn’t been out long enough and bird on its own is too good

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it is not necessary that the 2 merged dinos are not used

It would just kinda be a good revival for the creatures is all

Dimo would be a good component. Mainly because it can’t hit 1000 damage even at level 30 and max attack boosts. So it kinda does need a good creature and it’s epic hybrid is really only good for early game

Wait what really it can’t hit 1000 even lvl 30 and max attack boots???

Yeah. I don’t understand why

Weird??? but is it the creature with the less attack??? probably is

Who are you replying to?

If to me yes it is the creature with less attack. I just find it odd that rex can do 1k at level 13 but dimo can’t even at level 30 max attack boost.