New fuse costs for fusable apexes

Many people don’t like Arctovalasis for the sole reason it’s a fusable apex. This means it’s extremely expensive to create despite likely being even worse than its ingredient Testacornibus. As of now, fusable apexes aren’t worth getting unless they become the new dominant forces (which would contribute to even more powercreep). As a way to solve this for fusable apexes, I thought of different costs for apex hybrids so they aren’t too far off from uniques and are worth getting. Here would be the new costs for apex hybrids per fuse:

25 Unique DNA
75 Legendary DNA
300 Epic DNA
750 Rare DNA
3000 Common DNA
2000 coin

This is much more doable than the current numbers:
50 Unique DNA
200 Legendary DNA
500 Epic DNA
2000 Rare DNA
???(?) Common DNA
2000 coin

If these new fuse costs were added and new apex hybrids were on par with uniques (as the current apexes are), people would feel much more comfortable about new apex hybrids being added, and would allow people to unlock them without such a tedious grind.


The problem isn’t the cost to fuse it. It’s the concept of a hybrid+super-hybrid=Apex. Also it appears very broken because of it’s moveset.


I think if an apex used common DNA in a fuse it would be 5000 DNA

Looking at the fusing costs.
Rare = 50
Epic = 100
Legendary = 200
Unique = 1000
I’m going to guess that apex fuses to be either 2000 or 5000 coins. Since there is no patter in coin cost as rarities, it’s going to be an assumption till someone gets to the point of fusing the new apex.

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Lowering the cost of each fuse once players reach that point is the least they could do. They would either have to make it easier to get or make it stronger (which would be horrible) for Valasis to be worth getting.

I’m not sure if it can be a thing but alright indoraptor and T rex

This isn’t exactly a thread for suggesting fuseable Apexes… This is a thread suggesting how Ludia could improve the tedious grind of trying to unlock a Mega Apex Hybrid with two exclusives, one previously exclusive dino, and two epics. Maybe put your idea in a Custom Creatures thread, as we don’t want to get off topic.

Off topic suggestion aside, I really agree with @HolyPoly1026 here. I despise the fact players have to furiously grind for the new Apex, when people can’t even get the second Rare for the Legendary, which has two exclusive ingredients, and the Legendary has to be leveled to level 25, which demands an enormous amount of coins needed just to get Testa and Arctacles just to fuse. Lowering the cost to fuse, even by a little bit, could drastically decrease the demanding amount of DNA needed to fuse for Arctovaslias, and therefore make it less of a grindy mess. I hope Ludia genuinely listens to this suggestion.


Wouldn’t that technically be indom since raptor+tyrannosaurus is indom, indo is raptor+tyrannosaurus+raptor and your proposal is raptor+tyrannosaurus+ raptor+tyrannosaurus.

Also this thread is about improving fusible apexes, not making new fusible apexes.

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We should wait till someone unlocked arctovasilas before saying he’s broken . We don’t know how he’s in the arena or performs against other top tiers