New fusion

I would like to see the suchotator have a fusion with a dinosaur that has immunity. I was thinking the procerathomimus to make the new dino immune and able to deal out the damage over time. It could even be a unique, and since they both have the instant distraction it would be a toss up for the other two moves either nullifying impact or the distracting rampage.


Hybrid + hybrid? Unrealistic.

Unrealistic? It’s a game about dinosaurs that fight each other like pokemon and you can give them steroids. You can also fuse them into different dinosaurs. If two hybrids together is too “unrealistic”, why are you here?


I would also like a hybrids with suchotator. But I don’t like the ideas of hybrid + hybrid, so I thought
about it but suchotator with galimimus or ornithomimus wouldn’t look good.
So what If there was another mimus? Pelicanomimus
I think a suchotator with the beak of a pelicanomimus would look good, right?
With his beak I think he can peck pretty hard, zo I’ll make it a bleed dino.
So here pelicanomimus:
Little low health, pretty high damage
speed 129
Wounding strike
Evasive stance

Now the suchotator + pelicanomimus: pelicanotator
Decent health, pretty high damage
Speed 123
Nullifying strike
Lethal wound
Evasive stance

It would look a bit like a alangasaurus from jurrasic world the game

I think they mean unrealistic in the sense that it won’t happen cause a hybrid of 2 hybrids would be way too op and hard to get

Apatosaurus + Suchotator = Apotator

Doesn’t come across in print as funny as it did in my head. ‘A’potato’r’… maybe try saying it with a Southern accent.



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new skill, laser eyes


If they would ever put in laser eyes, they have gone crazy, VERRY CRAZY