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New G2, Hybrid & S.Hybrid in jwtg - Creatures from jwa

Hi, Ludia,
I just get idea: Can you add Nundasuchus g2 to the game and add Einosuchus from jwa?

And then MY MAIN MIND:
Einosuchus + Sarco SDNA = Sarcorixis?
It would be really nice see Sarcorixis in the game

I have to say, I love the look of that second one. Ludia, please make it so!

They could still do this but use kaprosuchus gen 2 as the component instead of nunda

JWTG won’t become a copy of JWA

If anything it’s the other way around because JWTG came out in 2015 and JWA came out in 2018.
In my opinion, the two games don’t have to go to war, but they have to cooperate and exchange new dinosaurs to improve each other.