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New game Modes or something like this


I´ve been reading the discusses in the forum and I said in facebook an idea maybe to have more use of all dinos.
Maybe Ludia create events or arenas I´dont know where we can use for instance Only epics Only rares or commons, or use only chompers tanks stunners. Something like that I´m not sure how could be possible but that´s the idea to still using all dinos in battles not always PvP because with another game mode we can play with all dinos and for me will do better the game.
So that´s mi idea.


I like that. Just as they do this with JW the game (tournaments with special rules, for example only use rare aquatics) they could define some rules for special strike events or similar

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You could do themed friendly challenges.
Not much else. Sorry to say that ludia is nerfing there own game, so this might not happen.


Yes you´re right I thought it but in the ideas burn the mode plays. Maybe they can change the alliance missions with the rules that I said use only epics at level 26 chompers with fast dinos or stunners with tanks different themes


But some people dont have epics or legendaries.
They cant really change the game, it’s only going downhill.


At the end it´ll happen is just wait how will be the tournaments