New Game plan

With the patch notes out! Time to figure out the new plan. Thinking most likely take out stegoGOD from the squad. Mono. hmmm gotta see.
What are you guys game plan and thoughts?

glad I didn’t level my stegod past 17, monostego back in the squad for sure!

Definitely thinking about Nodopadotitan and Gigaspika now… hmmm… So pumped about Allosino buffs and unique. This is going to be a whole new game now.

oh… and Dilorauno finally got its attack back… so maybe he’s back in my lineup?

Yeah I kept my stego low in 21. Glad I didnt level up haha.

Want to pump up a Dracorex Gen 2 for the swap in 2x shatter.

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Stegod got hit pretty hard. No more AP, cant cleanse most CC moves now…

I think just about everyone was sick of this dino anyway.

I saw it coming long ago so I left my Stegod at level 16 while the rest of my team went to average level 24 or so. Feel sorry for all the peeps who took their stegod as high as they could…wait, no I dont, not even a little bit :sunglasses:


To smack once and then give the opponent a free kill. Sounds like a solid plan.

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Third kill it is. I’ve played Dracorex rare like that already it only suffered with armor as you need to do the calculation in your head.

You could kill Monomimus before it can evade.

All I know is that imma need a lot more immune dinos xD

Monomi, you’re gonna need to get stronger over here.

Ankylo, gonna need to step up your game.

Tryo gotta keep calm and pray for me to revive her :pray:

Stegod is still gonna be in my team; to me, she’s just a more stronger Ankylocodon. They basically have the same kit, just with Stegod having more power with it. So yeah.

And I’m mad that Pyro looses her Wounding Impact. Like, omg can they please decide on a secondary attack for her? First it was Armor Piercing Impact, and that was great at the time. Then it was Wounding Impact, which sucked at the time, but it made me a bit happier after a the bleeding update. Now they’re changing it again?! Make up your friggin minds Ludia! What’s the new move this time?


I don’t even have stegodeus yet, I’m lvl 12 :disappointed_relieved:

Yo, I’m level 12 too, but I got Stegod to level 17. I’d like to thank the RNGods for that bountiful feast of DNA to spoil my lovely Stegod with, and may it destroy more lives. Amen :sweat_smile::joy::ok_hand::v:

I built Stegod at the tail end of level 12, mine is now a level 17 - or will be, once I can get enough coin.

I don’t plan on keeping her around forever, though. Once I have a suitable replacement ready, I’ll swap her out.

Spinotasuchus in new trex an dilo gen2 hybrid in tryostonix in and take out tanks and gorgosuchus

stegod with rampage no delay…

stegod can do rampage shield rampage now… should be interested

Will have to just ramp up my dino dna and see what i can unlock from now until next weekend

I’m gonna start using dracorex gen 2 for the clutch :joy:

My spinotahsuchus says “Finally, I get to take down Stegodeus with my bleeding!” :joy:

Once I get stegod, I’m in Lockdown, and I’ll probably be keeping her benched off the team (I’m only 20 DNA away from creating monostegotops). Once I get monostegotops, I’ll put it on my team just to counter Gallimimus, Indominus Rex, etc.