New Game plan

I got stego at lvl 9 and now i m lvl 12, my stegod lvl 19. i don’t have any other tank. Haha
Today i git alankylo get enough alanqa from 2 speed demon strike.

Stegodeus is still one of the best tanks in my opinion.

So I’ll be keeping him in. He still slows down and debuffs distractions and he has great armour and high health.

I am one of those “I have four dinosaurs, I’m using them all” kind of player. So I’m used to swapping out etc. If I get a bleed attack, in goes a bird. It’s as simple as that. Likewise, Paramoloch, if he starts bleeding, rampage and run.

My team, will most probably, remain the same.
With monomimus nerf I’m half expecting more Indominus Rex’s being used, so I’ll have my trusty Monostego.

I’m going with my eight:
Indominus Rex
And lastly, because of his speed buff and his immunity, Trystronix will be back in my team.

Trystronix in my opinion will be good against a lot of dinosaurs. Especially now I’m on the assumption there’s going to be a LOT less monomimus.

These are my choices with my current dinosaurs unlocked.