New Game Suggestion

I’m thinking about new game from ludia. Something similar to Jurassic World : The Game. Like park building with current animal like Lion, Bear, Eagle, etc. So many possibility. For reference, maybe the battle can be more like “Animal Kaiser”. It would be pretty cool and animal lover (that not really like dinosaur) probably can play same kind of game with different vibe on it.
This is my suggestion, because Jurassic World : The Game is one of my favorite game and if my suggestion become true. You don’t even have to tell, I’ll play it like crazy.
Animal Kaiser is preety popular too. No need for over animated skill. But the kind of animal you can add on the game. Preety much like that.
Thank you very much… :blush::blush:

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Something like JWE would be so sweet

Ya just with no dlc​:angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry: