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Perhaps this has already been mentioned on these forums, but I’m curious if Ludia has any plans for a New Game+?

Just seems a bit silly to me to have 3 game modes, then completely remove one after beating the final boss. Aside from PvP (where the rewards are lackluster and slow to earn) I find myself lacking to incentive to play the game as often as I used to while I still had difficult rooms to face in Exploration mode.

It would be nice to see the game start over with higher difficulty enemies from the start, pushing to level 20.



New game+? I’m sure you mean new game content. They most likely have something planned but it would be much wiser to interact with their customers to see if what they have planned is even something players have interest in before spending the resources to develop them. Don’t need to get into specifics, surprises are nice also.

I would definitely like some form of tournament introduced. Simple PvP with a leaderboard is ok but is very basic. There are so many ways they can expand on this game and I hope they pick a good path going forward.

And yes, the explore mode definitely should be reused for something. All those smaller boss animations never to be played again is a waste.

I mean New Game+. Like any of the Souls games. Just let’s you restart the campaign with higher difficulty enemies.

A good example for mobile games is Knights of Pen & Paper 2. After the main game you start over with New Game+. If you beat it again, New Game++. Then +++, and so on, while still getting progressively harder.

It’s a good way to recycle content while still providing a challenge to high level users.

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I’d rather repeat explore missions with a purpose instead of just because. I can think of tons of ways to have it make sense.

Alchemy Quest; a kinda scavenger hunt through the explore missions to find ingredients from a list of enemies to defeat. Maybe it could be timed like Moment of Glory events?

Cursed Portal; a weekend tournament type of event sending players into a portal that leads them to random places throughout the explore areas, until defeated or finishing a predetermined amount on levels, to earn points towards a leaderboard. Xp would be replaced by a points system and reward payouts perhaps multiplied by renown level?

So… The question remains. Has Ludia mentioned any future plan for explore mode?

Going from 3 to 2 game modes was a bummer. I hope they have something decent planned.

Game is dead and done
Why would anyone spend $83 for nothing still over this time NO GUILDS! !! NO PROBLEM JUST SPEND YOUR TIME AND MONEY.
Ludia do not care all they wont is your money honey :laughing:

As the game plays right now what would a guild accomplish?

Yeah I really don’t get what this guy is going on about. I just want more Exploration content.

Where is he getting $83 from? I have yet to spend a dime.

Makes me feel bad for the devs, honestly. I wouldn’t even mind watching an ad every now and then.

Perhaps $83 is in his currency.

I don’t feel bad for the devs… well… maybe… they probably don’t get much. But I definitely don’t feel bad for the company. Lots of us don’t spend money, but many people spend lots. Someone recently posted about spending close to a grand.

One dollar or a thousand, there is a distinct lack of content after you complete Explore mode.

Whales that spend money to be on the top, good for them. But, we all still lack that 3rd gameplay mode.

Ludia? Can I get a response to this?

As an end user, I’m not saying that “this is the way to do things or I quit your game.”

I’m asking if there are any plans for future use of the adventure/explore mode, or if people that have beat it are just stuck with 2 out of the e game modes?

You guys sure like to respond to bug posts. How about a basic comment on the direction that the game’s heading? More new characters that you charge $40 for, or actual playable content?

I’d be happy with recycled content, thus the NG+ suggestion.

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I’ll definitely take note of this and share your suggestion with our team, Shovion. :smiley:


Thank you Ned.

Again, I’m not suggesting that this is the best route to go in your project’s schedule. Just note that for an average whale or non-whale user, we run out of content, and it sucks.


I can understand, as I am waiting for the next adventure as well. :sweat_smile:

As they’ve said…Waterdeep is safe…for now. :hushed:

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Was that a written line after the level 11 end boss, or something?

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Wow! You can’t even replay Explore or at least the last level once winning? There’s even less reason to keep playing after finishing Explore than I previously thought.

I am completely fine without guilds. Even if they start outmreasonable they almost always become a Pay2Win mechanic just like PVP.