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New game?


I thought Jurassic world alive was fun, but I have to say I think World of Countdown Timer is kind of growing on me. Sure it was kinda neat battling dinosaurs and all, but the sheer drama of staring at my phone while it counts down from 2 minutes to 1 minute is riveting! Then when the screen pops up telling me my match has timed out? That’s real fine excitement right there!

Thanks Ludia!

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I love it lol

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Seriously though if you can’t even get a match what’s the point? Might as well just find something else to play.

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poor timing by Ludia, given that the new Niantic Potter game has been beta released down under and full release expected soon. The HP game could be a big JWA competotor anyway, but even more so when a lot of JWA player base unhappy with the darting change and battle timeout bugs

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