New Gaming Suggestions


I would suggest a new type of trap we could place out for several hours to catch a dinosaur during a waiting period. This will allow us to enhance our DNA and give options to economic decisions as well.

Common. 1 hr $0.99. 1 IN 25
Rare. 3 hrs. $2.99. 1 IN 50
Epic. 8 hrs. $4.99. 1 IN 75
Legendary. 12 hrs. $7.99. 1 IN 100
Unique. 24 hrs. $9.99. 1 IN 200

Just a basic idea to add to the flair of combatants. This would allow purchases in-game to increase and add additional ventures during combatants.


I believe coins can work better


You can buy an incubator for the possibility of getting the DNA you are wanting, or you could get a trap that increases your chances at getting what you need.

I would prefer the trap over buying the incubators. If they process the traps, then you have better options at what you are trying to find and what you are wanting to get less of.


Don’t forget to enjoy the days as they come. :yum: