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New Gear/Attack Effects: Retreat, Swap, and Steal (+ Wand of Wonder)

Much like Push, to move opponents away, Retreat attacks, then moves your hero backwards into the unoccupied square behind them.
Good for getting out of Counterattack range, or for just getting out of range of their next melee attacker.

Already seen as a move by Qholillaroon (Alter Battlefield), this spell targets one opponent and swaps it with the opponent in the furthest row back. Could also do 50-75% base damage or something. Mainly to move taunters back and ranged ones forward.

Another move already seen on an enemy, Fallen Blademaster’s Blade Flourish, you steal all positive conditions from your target. Similar to Nayeli’s Aura of Purity, but only one target and you gain their positive conditions.

Wand of Wonder:
Always procs but will do a random effect: Stun, Immobile, Disable, or Dominate.