New Gen 2 confirmed?!

Came across this ad on Instagram. Noticed something very strange.


Gen 2 all way…

Is this fake or whatt?

It’s not fake, it’s a sponsored ad

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Ok didnt know this. I am not expert of Instagram

Wow. And i can unlock it. Maxed out tapejalosaurus and unlocked indoraptor

I also hope we get allo gen 2 soon

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Those are some insane stats for a L3

I really want this dino🥰

If it is real, I say finally. One of the most underrated creatures around, not only by looking at her fierce appearance, fangs, spikes and everything, but also thinking of her as a running on four alligator.


I don’t know man, I follow Jurassic World the Game on Instagram and I haven’t saw that

never saw that either but i would a new good anphibian