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New gen 2 creature ideas

Give me ideas of some gen 2 creatures

Spinosaurus Gen 2
Allosaurus Gen 2
Stegosaurus Gen 2
Ankylosaurus Gen 2
Dimorphodon Gen 2
Quetzalcoatlus Gen 2
Sarcosuchus Gen 2
Diplocaulus Gen 2

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I have some ideas
Woolly mammoth gen 2
koolasuchus gen 2
dimetrodon gen 2

Mosasaurus gen 2
Archelon gen 2

Mosasaurus gen 2 is in the game


Oh yeah I forgot
Megladon gen 2
(Megarchelon gen 2)

None, we don’t need any more gen 2’s. Much rather get a new one than an old recycled creature with better stats and slightly different skin.

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