New glitch enough to make you mad!

These are some of the examples… actually i almost sold all my cenos and aquatics atm
In total i should get about 355000 DNA
i even reloaded the game…but my DNA count didn’t increase
So i contacted the game…but they refused to send my DNA back
Now all my creatures are gone :cry: …nor my DNA count increased
Then i noticed that even my SDNA COUNT TOO…WENT DOWN

I clearly remember when i had to make more superhybrids i had checked my account and saw i had 6672 Sarcosuchus dna, 6096 Euplocephalus dna, 7704 Monolophosaurus dna and 5648 kaprosuchus dna

If you see the pictures…it has went down

Please ludia,
Let me have my S-Dna back, since i had so many plans of making these army of these beasts!


why did you sell the vips and you cant do some events i think selling your aquatics and cenzoics is the worst decision you could have ever done in the game

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I have many more copies of these VIPs
No worries…i can make more atm
But i didn’t have enough Jurassic…that’s why i suffered

In total i have 15 VIPs
Only 1 of Jurassic

Also i haven’t hatched them so they are ready

If you wouldn’t wish to reply or post in a specific thread then I’m not sure it needs to be announced out loud. If there is helpful and/or relavant information you need to convey, then you’re free to do so, else I suggest let’s not make threads untidy. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank for defending me!

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What about the moderators…plz compensate me!
Or look into this issue!

As for the issue in question, if you contacted support you need to wait for around 5 business days for them to respond. Make sure you’ve sent in every detail such as Support Key, date and time of when the glitch occured so they can look into it.


I’m not sure what’s going on here but selling creatures is probably the worst decision you could make. Ever.

Your getting a low amount of dna in return for creatures that can gain you more dna through PvE.

It’s a lose lose situation when selling creatures.


and selling a vip is the one of the worst thing you can do


i think you should not sell a vip like that

I posted it about 6 days
And a reply came just yesterday
Saying they can’t help and are fixing the problem

Look, i know what ludia faces
But they should be atleast, do their duty to atleast compensate for it…
Boss battles, too crash for no reason!
Also recently i got a brand new phone…so there’s almost little chance that my game may crash!
So please, ludia, my progress is indeed getting hindered
And you are my only hope to help me
Or else sadly, I’ll have to leave this game for the second time, once and for all :cry:
Which i don’t want to willingly

I know i committed a crime by selling VIPs
But believe me, i got many more copies of the same dino… enough to make level 30 legendary
But I’m not ready for the ferocity jump…nor i don’t have time to invest in cenos and aquatic
After perfecting my Jurassic for tournaments…I’ll surely work upon aquatics
But right now im in dire need of dna and time for tournaments!

It seems like you are in a rush to get there, this is a game of patience, selling any creature is hurting you in the long run, even the useless creatures.

Your basically trading 10k lp for 5k dna which really isnt worth it.

Most of the creatures that I use for tournament runs are not even creatures I’ve invested dna in, I would say 90 percent of my legendaries and rare hybrids are from coin only and PvE prizes (which requires cenos and aquatics to win some of these)


IMO you need a lot more patience than dna.
Vips are some of the best creatures with low hatch time , low cooldown and are really good for early players as they’re great at low levels too. selling aquatics and cenos makes you unable to do their events , boss battles and daily quests .
A single copy of lv30 vip is of no use to you as no single copy of a dino at a very high level is desirable . You would benefit more from 4 lv10s.
If you think wasting hundreds of thousands of dna , lp etc in order to make a few Jurassics is going to help you progress faster then you’re wrong imo . You’re hurting your capabilities to do many events that give you dna , bucks and creatures . So even if you get some copies of Jurassic creatures and unlock some tournament creatures you won’t have a steady supply of dna and other resources to use the unlocked creatures . They’re expensive and take quite a while to hatch. The tournament hybrids are very expensive too but you’d have hurt your supply of resources to get them too.
When your business is slow because of capital shortage you invest in it not sell of your assets for nothing and go on a vacation with the money. Cause neither the money nor the vacation is going to last forever and when they do end it’s gonna hit you even harder. Now you’ll be left without much income and there won’t be any assets to sell off.


I do understand my problem here
Sorry for that
But I’m here to solve the problem of this glitch!
Please help me ASAP
where is @Ned or other support who help people!?

The glitch of bosses appearing in events ? Are you on Amazon devices ? Have you checked your store for update patch ?

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The general lack of good Ceno and Aquatic hybrids make the Ceno and Aquatic VIP creatures even more valuable than the Jurassic VIP creatures IMO.

In the end it is your game though do what you want.

My thoughts on the matter, when support for a game starts underperforming it’s time to bounce but at the same time I understand the difficulties of handing help tickets for a game especially when there is very little supporting evidence.

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